Christmas 2014

Christmas! This year was filled with daily conversations about Santa, what he would bring, what we're asking for, and what we would buy all our loved ones. 3 year olds at Christmas are the definition of eager.

Here's a quick look at our Christmas!

Hayes with his new bike. I couldn't help myself. Linus Bikes are the most amazing things. We're excited for it to warm up so we can sharpen are lackluster pedal skills.

Cal is the best at Christmas. He plays with each toy forever and never asks for another one. We finished Christmas with probably 8 presents of his unopened.

 Hayes on the other hand is more like his mom. Just the highest of expectations and wants more! more! MORE! this pic is of him at my mom's decked out in a hat and metallic vest (ha!) when he then opened a really thoughtful picture book and responded with a full blown fall to the ground in tears breakdown. The Book that Killed Christmas.

Christmas sleeping bags from my dad. Cal is totally nude in there. At his request.

I don't have much evidence but Christmas was ALL about the buddies. everyone was in town and we had at least 6 get togethers. no complaints here, we love every moment with them. here's us at Jace + Jenne and Covey's baby blessing. It's so awesome watching all our friends take on parenting. Really we're just thrilled they all get "it" now.

This is all I want for Christmas right here. Just a little wonder and awe and excitement.

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