Callum is 3!

I was re-reading my post for Callum's second birthday and laughed because personality wise not much has changed! He is still the sweet spitfire we know and love!

He calls himself "Dowie". He loves puppies, babies who don't take his stuff, and watching Busy Beavers channel on YouTube. He is the grumpiest kid I know and it makes me laugh. I don't know how he got so grumpy. Hayes is either in his face wanting to play, or in his face teasing him, so that's probably part of it! He is a homebody supreme and on top of that really just wants to have his own space to do what he wants. He doesn't like people around bothering him. What did I say, grumpy!

There is a small handful of people that he gravitates too and is on his best behavior for, and honestly I'm not even on that list. Ha!

He still our honeyman when he wants to be, sweetly coming up to me grabbing both cheeks and giving me kisses, he is such a light in our home and is so funny. He is our jokester and has great timing. He keeps us all laughing even when we're not in the mood. I can't count how many times Cal or I have been head to head on something and one of us breaks into laughter, then the other joins. If I laugh at anything, he doesn't even have to know what it is, he joins in. He loves watching home movies of his family and cracks up at all of them.

Some quirks I love about him are how he is scared to death of cats big or small. Lions, tigers, and house cats send him running and crying and he's always been that way! We had Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeak-uel on DVR for awhile and there's this scene where a cat hisses and bats at the screen and Cal wails every time. He skips a whole page in his favorite book because there's a lion on it. I am laughing writing this, it just cracks me up.

I love how when I carry him to bed he always reaches one hand out and lets his fingers graze the hallway as we walk down it. Every time!

How he comes in for a hug and stops a few steps away, throws his arms in the air, his head back, and falls into your arms.

How he sleeps on TOP of his pillow every night. Even if that means his legs are folded tightly against the width of his crib. Finally I started positioning the pillow centered in the crib so he can lay on it length ways.

His lisp makes my world go round. Chipths and peetstha and "dop" instead of stop, and things are dee-withs-uths "delicious." He tries my patience in a completely different way as Hayes, he has challenged me to adjust my expectations and love him for exactly who he is. Not to try to change him, but to truly embrace his unique personality. He is an unbreakable spirit, he is so strong, and I have no doubt he was saved to come to this Earth when it was the most treacherous because he will do great things, simply because no one can stop or sway him. Even at three year old!

Callum, I love you so much. In a way I've never loved another person before, and I am so grateful to be your mom. The world is yours!

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Hi Emily! Just dropping by to let you know I've nominated your blog for the Liebster Award: http://www.selwaluke.com/blogging-2/selwa-lukes-nominations-for-the-liebster-award. Hope all is well. :)

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