winter fun!

As always, December was PACKED full of fun, what a crazy month, but not sure I'd have it any other way!

First, we tried out the Alpine Nativity for the first time, the Johanssons go every year and every year its somehow frigid and cold and we bail. But, this year it was so mild and not a single flake of snow anywhere so I think we picked a good year to try it out in that respect. But, of course that means that everyone else agreed so it was like Disneyland as far as population. Oof!

Feeding the different animals.

Cal is our resident animal lover. Hayes loves them too, but Cal seems to REALLY love them. in general he doesn't care for people, ha, but never met an animal that didn't make him squeal in delight. he hugged them all like this. Camels, goats, chickens, the works.

 the best fam pic we could get. no snow for miles!
my sister Charity and her fam visited for a week or so during Christmas so we were able to do a lot with them, even though Charity is pregnant and super sick, she was a trooper. her and i rock climbing, and hayes too! 

 I've never seen Hayes so determined. He is like me and gets frustrated fast when he's not good at something right away, but he kept trying over and over and over. proud of that little guy. he's something special!

it hardly snowed until a day or two before christmas, so when it did snow we took full advantage! Cal loves the snow and will sit outside grabbing little palmfuls to eat for hours

a Christmas puppet show with cousins!

And Soldier Hollow with the fam!

Cal was sort of incapacitated in his tube and he was quiet as a mouse. Sometimes you just need to be forced into catatonia to enjoy yourself. I think he might have fallen asleep even.

the gals in my ward (some ex-wardies, too) are so adventurous and are always planning fun things for us to do. a weekly hike, art exhibits, ethnic dinners, book club, it's so nice having a group that is up for anything! here we are snowshoeing up Tibble. BEAUTIFUL!

Winter is far from over, but now is about the time I have crazy Spring Fever and start wearing new sandals way before it is temperaturally (not a word) sane to do so.

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