Summer 2015

Once again, the Frames owned the Summer. 

Russ went to Minnesota for a three game series this Summer. Maybe the only thing he's done for himself in a year. He's been working so crazy hard for so long, but especially this past year. 60-70 hour work weeks, he'll come home to put the boys to bed with me and then head back until 1 am. He's building his Washed business super fast as well as flipping houses and doing his regular construction work. So grateful to have a partner willing to hustle for the life we want. We've been saving up like crazy to eventually get that Farm we've always wanted. Things are getting closer than ever, I'm excited to see how things unfold!

So much fun with cousins. My boys LIVE to play with these kiddos. Screaming at the top of their lungs when they drive up, asking to play daily. So grateful we live so close!

One shot from Fathers and Sons campout. Russ took them both up for the first time.

 Craziest rainiest Summer for a couple weeks there.
Payson temple open house. Cal face planted a hundred times and does this high pitched chirp sound that he's done since he was two in every vaulted room. Reverent!

Bike rides! So fun with Hayes riding a two wheeler. I loved looking over to see him pedaling away. 

Always with August close by.

Russ and I snuck away for a few dates too. To see Ryan Adams (below), Third Eye Blind (sort of as a joke but ended up being super good) and St. Vincent (craziest crowd I've ever been apart of.) Lots of good dinner dates, too. The Copper Onion stands out merely because I ordered this amazing sticky toffee pudding and I am pretty sure I ate the muffin wrapper accidentally. 

Busy Summer days reigned. We had three birthday parties and a BBQ this day. I try not to over schedule but sometimes it just happens. Love/hate.

The boys became so close this Summer too. They still fight but not nearly as much and they seem to prefer one another. Lots of slip n slides.

Had some time with Jenna and crew, why does everyone have to move?

 Lots of friends.

 With Russ working so much we had a lot of time just us. His presence was always missed!

 My siblings all together for the first time in forever.

Russ picked up some jet skis too. We had a few good runs before one broke down. Ha!

Cal fell asleep on me on a raft. Sweet boy.

We hiked a few times as well! This is Timpanogas Falls trail. I always hate every second carrying one or both of them but am glad they are pushed sometimes to try hard things!

Lots of Summer naps. No matter how busy our days got, we could always look forward to this:

Summer, we love you. See you next year (its snowing in the mountains right now, oof!)

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