So I had always told Russ I wanted to get to Paris before I turned 30. We made our anniversary trip sort of centered around that (sadly he's probably used to our lives revolving around my craziness) so of course I always lumped my 30th in with that excursion. I told everyone I didn't want or need a thing. But he still pulled strings with all my friends to make one more special surprise to ring in the next decade! Vegas! I can't really think about how much effort it took collectively for so many of my friends to come to another state with and without kids, getting sitters, husbands staying home, etc etc. So kind and gracious and we had the best time! Here's some pics!

One amazing serendipity was Lindsay being in Vegas all the way from Florida the same weekend! We spent a day with her and it was so fun. We've been friends for 15 years and getting to see her a couple times a year is always so great.

Breakfast at Bouchon. HOLY COW. It was incredible. We also at at BabyStacks (hole in the wall in the middle of nowhere) and it was I swear just as good. But Bouchon has that French vibe and that Benedict and dang.
A night to Nobu. So good. I'll be back to get the Tempura Rock Shrimp and I'm sticking to rolls next time and skipping the sashimi - I just can't help it - the ROLLS!! I wish we had more to go around! 

Cosmo Pool. Total meat market and hilarious to watch all the drunken fools. We love staying at the Cosmo because the food is amazing so you never really have to leave, but the Bellagio pool is more my speed.

We discovered Face Swapping and had a whole lot of fun with that. Also paper face masks one night. Frightening!

A night to STK and then Marquee night club. HILARIOUS. A promoter stopped us and gave us VIP passes. So we said why not. Walking passed the line of people with my big pregnant belly literally changed into my nightgown dress and flip flops got some looks. We had a blast dancing the night away. We had a couple urchins, one was a married woman who wanted us to protect her while her husband got her a drink. She kissed me a couple times on the cheek and loved showing me pics of her boys and making me hold onto her hand and spin under it. Oh jessica! 

A day at the Bellagio pool. So beautiful and serene. Amazing sandwiches and virgin mojitos poolside. 
They had this multigrain croissant ham sandwich thing that was killer.
22 week belly! I am so happy I have this pic I know it will be a treasure for years to come. Stretch marks and all. It commemorates my favorite job and all that comes with it.

I told my friends my plans ahead of time - for my 30th I wanted to buy myself something special to commemorate. Something I would never normally splurge on but could wear until I was 87. Something to remind me of hard work and dreams and that unquenchable side of me that loves a good outfit. I sort of always knew it would be Louboutins. But, I didn't think I would be in a pool coverup with a trucker hat. I had much classier images in my head, but it was still so fun to do with my buddies. They made it extra special with all their ooh-ing and ahh-ing. I still haven't worn them, but they make me smile sitting in their box. Also, I was shocked that I went down two sizes from what I thought I would wear. The guy behind me was so helpful and made me so glad I had the experience in person and didn't just click "buy" online.

 More eating - Shake Shack! I got a peanut butter + chocolate shake that will never leave me. I tried to recreate the experience at Holstein's with their (virgin) Drunken Monkey shake which was also amazing. Russ is a gambling man, but we always joke I am not cut out for it. Every time he's up even $5 I'm like "Pull your money, let's go!" But this time I totally gambled. Being still nauseated and sick and staying up super late eating super rich meals at all hours of the day. So I had a couple rough nights and actually threw up the two most expensive meals of the trip. I gambled and I definitely lost! Too funny. We also ate at China Poblano and loved it which I have no pics of. But KILLER guacamole.

Also I don't want to forget my epic friends - Nicole who planned the trip, coordinated all the meals, took charge when 5 girls were distracted. I loved seeing her cut loose and have a good time on the dance floor. She's always a blast to travel with and makes the experience so fun and so much easier, takes a million pictures without anyone really even noticing. She is such a generous and nurturing soul.

Shelly who literally was not coming until the morning of. She pulled out all the stops and patchwork sitters together the entire time. Must've been so stressful but everything is better with her around. Her impersonations and stories are my favorite. Her heart is so close to the surface and she loves deeply and isn't afraid to show it.

Bri who brought Posey, Posey who was a rockstar that we hardly even knew was there. Bri who was the most chill laid back and easy going human when she had every right to be otherwise with a baby in tow. She's so supportive and loving and always there for me. She teaches me something new every interaction I have but I am sure she was never trying to. She just bubbles with good ideas.

Kim who I could spend every minute of the rest of my life with and not grow tired. Quietly hilarious, chill as a freaking cucumber, not showy but everything she says and does is worth watching. 

Kayti who builds us all up, who makes you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. Who has such a beautiful heart and always shows me a better way without even realizing it. We have so much in common but seeing how she handles some of the same trials is always so comforting and inspiring to me.

We all loved that we could talk about literally anything, surface on down to the deepest parts of our hearts. Spritual, political, fashion or our digestion. Doesn't matter. Such a good crew! 

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