Raleigh - 1 Month

How can it already be a month since Raleigh came? He was born at 36 weeks and 6 days at 7'5 and at his last weigh-in was 9'4. I love that he is chunking up!

First photo!

Some things I want to remember about Raleigh at 1 Month:

He is THE loudest. He rarely cries, but he grunts and makes all manner of noises all day and night. he sounds like Evenrude from the Rescuers if that helps at all. It makes it really nice because I know exactly when he has a burp, toot or wants to poop. He lets you know! He only cries when he's overly hungry but other wise is such a nice baby.

The first photo Hayley took. Cal was so nervous and excited!

First full family photo on our way to the bath! The boys couldn't go in so they were seriously freaking out tapping on the glass and waving every three seconds.

He's so handsome I can't get over it. He has this big juicy upper lip and he still sort of tucks his bottom lip under. He's got a perfect little head and tiny ears and big hands and bird legs.

He smiles so big already, each time I get him up from a nap he gives us all the biggest smile. Just like in my tummy is a flailer. His arms and legs are constantly in movement even when he sleeps. It was so rough because for the handful of days he was on the bilibed obviously you can't swaddle him so he was just jolting himself awake every 5 seconds. I started sleeping him on his stomach in the bed and it was so much better. Of course he prefers it still and maybe we lost our window for swaddling because he is not a fan of that. Three for three Frame brothers are stomach sleepers! It does stress me out a bit but he sleeps next to me and I keep a close eye.  I don't worry as much though because his neck is wicked strong. And he often switches which side his head is resting through the night, readjusts his arms etc.

Every ultrasound we had his hands were up by his face. That remains true outside the womb:

As for me, this has been my smoothest recovery. I had such amazing energy, was seriously high on life and everything has been wonderful. I haven't felt any baby blues and I attrubte that to him only being on the bili bed for 4 days. Not being able to hold Hayes and Cal whenever I wanted for those first three weeks broke me in half and I am so grateful for that time with Raleigh. I was super adamant about his levels being tested ASAP in the hospital, they put him in the lights during our stay and I did formula whenever possible so his levels never got high even though I found out later he (and likely Hayes and Cal) had breastmilk jaundice. Where my milk is keeping them from processing their bili out and there's not much you can do except formula and /or wait it out. Good to know! (Sarcasm.)

I remember when Cal was tiny, like a few weeks old I had both him and Hayes in the car with me and I kept having the feeling that I was forgetting someone, forgetting a kid. I kept looking behind me to make sure they were there. I have had that feeling countless times since, like someone was missing. I feel so much more complete with Raleigh here. He has stolen all our hearts and what a miracle and blessing to have three healthy kids. I pray so hard everyday that they'll continue to grow healthy and strong.

Raleigh continues to enjoy showers with dad, seems to have an extra noticeable response toward Cal, is absolutely smothered by Hayes. Hayes is such a great helper and wants to hold him all the time. He talks to him so sweetly and never wants him to be sad or uncomfortable. Cal was dicey the first few days which made me so sad, but then we figured out AFTER the fact that the umbilical cord freaked him out. Since Raleigh was in a diaper all the time for the bili-bed Cal didn't want to go near him. Too funny. Once it fell off and he started wearing clothes Cal changed his tune and is equally obsessed.

Doing the Lion King thing - big hit.

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Mara and Jae said...

I have two for two on stomach sleepers too. I love that they've found their sweet comfy spot for sleeping (so we can all sleep!) but it is a bit nerve wracking at times. Also - your hair is just so pretty!

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