Raleigh - 2 Months

In one month Raleigh went from tiny fragile newborn to chunky smiling and vocal. He's so fun at this age and here's a bit about him!

This was him right at the beginning of his 2nd month, just a lot of sleeping. Lots of days my milk couldn't keep up with him so I was doing lactation tea around the clock, waited to work out or do anything that might effect the supply, pumped, AND still gave him a few formula bottles a week. Happily even with the struggle he chunked right up! At this 2 month appointment he was 12.5 pounds and had grown like three inches. His head is his biggest percentile and those furrowed brows still kill us all.

He loves showers with dad,
 his brothers light him up and we recently noticed he is super drawn to Mickey Mouse. So we love showing him Mickey Mouse on the TV and sure enough he is a Mickey fan at 2 months old. Ha. He'll give us laughs when he gets worked up and we love him so freaking much it hurts. He's our world and everyone lives for Raleigh time.

I moved him to his crib this month and then he got a runny nose and was up like every hour. Awful! So I moved him back to my bed where he sleeps 4 hours stretches. As if it wasn't hard enough to move him to his crib its gonna be really hard to move him now!
Hello chunkers!!

The lips though.


If you just look at Raleigh he bursts into a full face smile. It creeps up in the corner of that mouth and just busts wide open. He can't be contained and I can't stop staring in case I miss one.
The kid can sleeeeep. Not necessarily all at once, but he still sleeps a ton. It seems like he's only up for 20 min- 1 hour before he's ready to go back down. A true Frame!

His first campfire.
His brothers are still obsessed with him. They make it so fun! And annoying some times like literally the back of two blond heads in my face all the time while he's eating.

Its been super interesting but I am sort of anti taking pictures of him. At least like the posed ones, I just can't do it. I just want to hold him and take candids and pretend the online world doesn't exist. Like seeing Snapchat filters on babies breaks my heart. I can't explain it! He's too pure for this stupid world and I can't let him participate in the BS. Does that make any sense? I took these two though and of course they're cute. Maybe I'll grow out of it?

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jessica kiehn said...

THANK YOU for what you said at the end about babies being "too pure for this world". I so agree! They are dripping with heaven's glory and are so innocent, I want to honor that and keep their intro into the world sacred- not masquerade it and treat them like my chihuahua to carry around in my big dumb pink bag.
Anyway- I feel ya mama:)

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