Raleigh 6-9 months

How about a 4 month update, jiminy Christmas. I started this 6 monther but never published it- -

 6 MONTHS Rolling, sitting up, gnawing on anyone's face that will let him (teething?) getting feistier when you don't give him what he wants. He eats all kinds of solids, we do lots of table scraps and for having no teeth he's really good at mashing and moving those gums. He is still the sweetest ever, so happy, so full of love and smiles and joy. We are so lucky to have this baby, he has pulled me out of so many near-funks, you just can't be sad or ungrateful when he's gazing your way.

And now for today!

He's gotta be about 30 pounds by now. So solid. He loves to eat and his favorite foods are peanut butter toast, waffles with jam, salmon, graham crackers. Loves all kinds of berries, bananas, will eat any baby food too. Really anything. Drinks from a straw. Waves hello. He says in his little low voice super dead pan"Hey". Is super friendly but acts coy at first. Buries his face into me when he gets shy, cocks his head to the side like a bird when he's studying you. If my phone is ever out taking a pic of him he has to lean and cock his head around the phone to see my face. He is all about that eye contact!

He's sleeping about 12 hours through the night and takes three (sometimes 4) naps a day. He loves that sleep and dives into his bed if he's tired enough. Not crawling yet but gets up on all fours and does that wind up back and forth motion and dives face first. All my boys were 10 months before crawling so I am guessing we'll be about on track with Hayes and Cal. No complaints here, our new place has so many stairs its gonna be a nightmare trying keep him away from them! He loves the Wheels on the Bus and is such a nice boy. Even if he's starving or tired you can usually distract him and make him happy until you get home. I appreciate that so much.

I say it every month but he is just joy. That's all. So easy to love, so enjoyable, agreeable, fun, full of life and personality and loves his brothers. We live to make him smile and laugh and I can't believe he's 9 months. So bittersweet to watch him grow!

Bath time! He's obsessed with hats. Every time I wear one he loves it. BK got him this for christmas!

looking around my phone // eye contact always

Fell asleep in the swing. That has never happened to me as a mom, so cute. // Hayes always the best brother.

 In Vegas:

 First straw:

I love him so much!

We're going in reverse it looks like: So tinY!!

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