Raleigh 10 months

So Raleigh was barely getting a tooth by month 9 and now at month 10 he has 6 cutting or cut. He is so uncomfortable but even still so happy and nice. We're hoping we'll get a break once these last couple find their way. He also got his first cold in tandem with it so that makes it extra sad. 10 healthy months is pretty dang good though!

Some things I jotted down about Raleigh this month that I love --

His front two teeth are huge and have a giant gap between them. HIPPO teeth! I live for them.

His head is off the charts percentile wise and it has made lots of his shirts take a hike. Unless there are snaps or buttons or a huge opening they will not make it over this noggin. I am learning to shop wisely to accommodate.

With teething he has no interest in his binky anymore. He actually throws it if you try and give him one. Like 6 in a row just chucked. He does this when he doesn't like food too.  I guess I'll just let him forget about them! Makes it super easy for us down the road I guess!

When I take his diaper off he immediately starts lightly scratching his belly. Its so cute, like exactly what an adult man would do after taking off his work pants or something.

No crawling but he walks along the couch and loves to stand! He uses his forehead for leverage when he does arm crawl around and it doesn't look comfortable. He says "hey" and waves and seems to be putting names to faces and knows who and where people are. I can see his jabbering starting to pick up and I love when they start this stage of talking!

He's freakishly strong and loves human connection. He wants eye contact at all times. Usually touches faces and foreheads and stares into your eyes. Will give lots of kisses if I am on my phone peeks around it with his little bird head cock. I have felt myself pulling away from interacting and mindlessness on my phone and that is largely due to the fact that he wants to connect and wants my attention and I would much rather watch him anyway! He doesn't demand anything he just is sweetly there and that makes him irresistible to us all!

I lost my phone in my laundry, literally its somewhere in this house but I can't find it. SO all my pics of Raleigh this month are tied up. But I will add once I find it. I WILL FIND IT.

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