FALL 2017

Russ and I went on a couples trip to St. George -- so so so much fun. We went to Sand Hollow and went boating. Saw John Fogerty on a whim in Vegas and had the time of our lives when they poached us to go on the front row and we gave him the crowd he hasn't seen in 20 years, I'm sure. He also brought out his son Tyler would acted like he had been on a coke bender or in a cage for years and just let out. Absolutely hilarious!

We hiked and found cave drawings. And the only way to get down was a human elevator. This photo is infamous at this point.

First day of school! Cal's first day of Kindergarten!

We took a trip to California to get our teeth fixed, so much fun!

Family hike to Cecret Lake // All the boys peeing in nature.

Progress on the house! Framing was super exciting -- nothing like seeing a house come from underground into the sky.

I had a cool trip for work to Vermont. So pretty in the fall!

A fun halloween project we did as a family for work // I loved watching the boys interact at school. This was dropping them off -- helping each other and warming my heart.

October we had both of Russ' dads in town! They helped so much with the house and the kids nd we had a great time! Tim came over Halloween and trick or treated with us!

Harry Potter themed Halloween!

Hayes and his other Harry from his class Caden.

boys napping // us at Noble Bodies concert

Fall 2017 was one for the books. So many good times!

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