Hayes 8th Birthday + Baptism

HAYES is 8! We baptized him a few weeks after his birthday but here all the fun!
Checked him out for lunch! // He was so thorough and very Hayes-like (Emily-like) with his planning and wanting to create his own invitations. I thought he did a great job!!

These were his plans that he made on January 13 - his birthday is March 10. He really is so much like me its hilarious. Loves making lists, re-doing said lists 10 times before he's happy with it. The other day he asked to make a powerpoint presentation for fun. We just laugh. I try really hard not to push my crazy ways on my kids but some things must just be genetic! Or I should try harder. Ha.

Threw him a party at Provo Beach Resort (will never get over that Cal used to call it Chief Air Bazorg and got so mad that we had no idea what he was talking about.) He had a list of literally 30 kids but I made him shrink it to 5 since we're on the budget of a lifetime. Stuck a candle in some gelato and all the kids got their own scoops. Ghetto but Hayes loved it!

You'd never know that this photoshoot was pouring rain and Hayes was so annoyed. This money shot was worth it all!
A tie and tie clip Aunt Charity got him.

The afterparty was honestly the biggest fail of all time. It was FREEZING cold in the pavilion and I didn't want to do it at our house because it's super tricky for big crowds and lots of kids (nowhere to go but the road) also the Acai bowls I had catered came an hour after we got out there and most had left. Good thing Hayes played 500 with his cousins and couldn't care less. He had a great time and we had leftover bowls for days. // One cool thing is that his principal Hoopes was in charge of his confirmation and he spoke and gave a really powerful testimony. He was so thrilled to be able to be apart of hayes' day as his principal.

 We love Hayes and are so proud of him and his commitment to living a Christ-like life! He is good to the core and I know he will do so much good. We love you Hayes!

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