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My love of fashion and styling started (according to my mom) when I was a toddler. She would buy me these all-in-one outfits complete with a baggy puff painted t-shirt, coordinating neon leggings, and a hair bow to match. I would promptly take take them apart and make new outfits out of them.

I turned my search for personal style, and undying need to pave my own way into a career with fashion & writing. I spent four years as a visual merchandiser, five years as a Fashion Editor for Square Magazine where I was able to coordinate & style fashion spreads for 20+ issues during its publication (2004-2009.)

Simultaneously, I was learning all I could about writing and literature and graduated from Utah Valley University with my Bachelors Degree in English. I spent a few years during this time as a technical writer for a software development company. While I appreciated the work experience, I couldn't help but continue my first love of fashion writing, freelance.

In March of 2010 after 5 years of marriage, my husband and I welcomed our son Hayes. Just 7 months after that we were surprised to find out we were pregnant with our second boy Callum (Ka-Lum.) Like his brother, Cal came 3 weeks early making our boys just 16 months apart! They are our world and our greatest joy and, happily, I cut out almost all my other commitments to be a full-time-work-at-home mom. Family is everything!

I founded and currently run Bijou Market, a handmade boutique that runs 3 times a year in Provo and Salt Lake City, Utah. That keeps us incredibly busy in the Spring and Fall (and Summer & Winter, really) and we love the reward of bringing the best local crafters and the most amazingly supportive community of shoppers together.

I started Ruffling Feathers> in 2006 as a way to remember this hectic time in my life, as I've quickly learned that if I don't write it down, it's too easy to forget! I have been blessed with loyal and kind readers, awesome sponsors big and small (Zara and Tiffany & Co. on down to local artists and non-profit organizations.) This blog has created amazing opportunities and relationships for which I am so grateful! Thank you for being here!

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Favorite Past Styling Projects: