Mazel Tof Kimberly!

Congratulations to Kimberly Holmes who was married yesterday in the Provo Temple to her boo Davis James.

Here we all are at Kim's dinner! She looked so beautiful, and you could tell Davis agreed!

Outside the temple, sweatin' bullets.

Kim's little brother McKay, who played Nintendo on the floor and when asked if he was excited Kim got married... didn't even look up from the game and said "Nope". Love him!

Toasting. Nervous. No one even listening.

Lindsay imitating Paris Hilton's googly eye.

While waiting for Kim's dinner to start, we decided we'd off road in a Jetta to get an upclose look at the fire on Canyon Road. Yes, we almost got arrested, but we also evacuated a hysterical dude from his house. Good work Linds!

Cute cleavage, neat gums.

Emily is pregnant by the way-- not really. Emily is just very full of halibut, rolls, salad, mashed taters and air. If you thought that was her cake in the corner that she finished moments later-- you'd be right.

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Noah and Lindsay Garrett said...

you are all so beautiful, can't wait to see your smiling faces!

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