I know you're all sick of my face... But I will take this opportunity to be the first July post-er. We just got back from our week with the family at Newport Beach. It was truly relaxing and enjoyable. We both love love to be with the fam and we feel really lucky to have them forever!

It's true, Russ looks like a Euro-tourist.

We were so lucky to have our own personal photog, my sister Liz,
check out the full slide show at her blog.

Love of my life.

Beach bunny Avery.

On our way to B.J.'s pizza, mmmm.

Me, Bethany, Casey after a long hard day of shopping.

Balboa hippo cookies. For some reason the bakery only makes them in the shape of hippos?

We had lots of fun. I was glad to be home for Kim's wedding and of course Independence Day! I think we can all agree that no one does the 4th quite like Provo. I love it! We're hoping we can stick around for awhile but Russ has been wrestling with the urges to go to medical school for a couple of years and we finally got our answer. We both feel really peaceful about going through with it. So Russ will be wrapping up his undergrad, probably transferring to the U and then from there at least 4 more years of medical school. It's definitely daunting and scary, but when Russ puts his mind to something, he does it and excels at it. That also means that sadly, we will be selling our house in P.G. We plan to put it on the market by September, so if you know anyone who wants the cutest house EVER in a great neighborhood send them my way.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, and I hope to see your posts soon!


Noah and Lindsay Garrett said...

How exciting for you both! I'm sure Med School will be a long journey, but in the end it will be worth it! Love you guys, and cant wait to see you in 3 weeks!

Brooke and Shawn said...

After seeing those pictures I have concluded that you and Russ are perfect for eachother! Cute couple!

Andrew & Jenna said...

you guys are such hippies and i love it

Dana Dastrup said...

I have told you this a MILLION times, but I am so happy for you and Russ!! You two are amazing & I love seeing how happy the two of you are together!! I honestly hope one day I will be able to be as in love as the two of you are!! You two are my inspiration and hope you know that!! I love you tons and THANK YOU for being the greatest best friend I could ever ask for!

matt + lindy said...

So cute! I love it! Cool about medical school. I know Russ has wanted that for a while...so that's grrrrrreattt!!! Love ya!

Jasmine said...

hey!! i grew up one city up from here on pch - in huntington beach! hurray!

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