Remember when...

It was the year 2k and we went to every Kalai show we could get our hands on, he played at our prom, he played at my sister-in-law Liz's birthday party? Well, ladies, he's playing "Jimmy Kimmel Live" tonight. Get ready to here "Have you heard of Kalai??" all across the U.S.
Good for you Kalai, good for you!


Noah and Lindsay Garrett said...

I remember when Nicole and I went to see him at the freedom festival, and there were like 12 people in the audience. Good for him!!!

matt + lindy said...

Reminds me of my senior year. He was one of Rob's (my high school boyfriend) best friends. So he'd play for us all the time. I remember when Tyler Cardon's dad was just starting him out and there was only us at some of his first concerts b/c no one knew him. Rob would have to announce him before he'd come out because there was no one to announce him at his concerts. We'd have to call of our friends just to get some people to watch him. Now he's all over! Kalai is amazing and I think it's great for him!!!

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