Happy Birthday Bethany!

Thank you for being an original, for always accepting people for who they are. Thank you for always figuring things out for yourself, and never taking anyone's word for it. Thank you for being the best movie quoter, music jammer and guitar hero band mate a sister could ever need.

This white contraption coming out of her mouth is called a "silky." More than half of it is actually in her mouth. That thing smelled like death.

Cutest baby that ever lived.


collin said...

Bethany definitely was the cutest baby ever. But, indeed, that silky smelled worse than those phlegm balls you cough out of your throat.

b.elena said...

haha Thanks Collin, I only had 3 and mom washed them every day... haha I guess that doesn't help me too much.. Thank you Emily!! We we're the cutest kids to have ever sat their rumps on a Kiddy Cabby...

matt + lindy said...

It's funny that she had a silky because Connor had a silky. It was an old slip that my mom cut because he loved it so much. He had that stinky thing everywhere with him! Sometimes he called it his silky suh. ha.

charity said...

silkies are the best. those are great pics, em! i've got the cutest sisters ever!!!

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