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So six times a year I get to do the kind of work I really love. When press time rolls around me and the editor of Square Magazine, Matt, get together and plan our fashion spread. Then I get to go shopping without spending a dime! Local boutiques offer their goods in exchange for some serious advertising. Then we spend all day shooting our cute models, listening to tunes and flexing our creative guns. I love every second of it.

So here is a sneak peak at a few of the models, I had to keep some out so there is some suprise when the issue comes out. My camera doesn't do these models or the clothes justice but here you go anyway:

"The Bookworm"

"The Bully"

"Best Friends Forever"

"Four Eyes"

"The Tattletale"

I tell ya, I don't know how we pull it off, but somehow it always looks killer!


charity said...

oh my super creative sis.
you'll have to ship off a copy of the latest ed to me.

Miss Devine said...

Emily, you did such a great job on Saturday. Thanks for making me look pretty. I can't wait to see the issue!

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