AAaahhhh!! She WON!!

My sister Liz was in the finals for the acclaimed Scrapbooker of the Year Award, and tonight in Las Vegas she was announced the winner! Read all about it: http://www.creatingkeepsakes.com/mag/article.ihtml?index_field=2023

Congratulations Liz! She deserved it more than anyone. She is so talented and creative. Not to mention one of the most caring, down-to-earth and genuine people I have ever met.

She will be editing for the magazine "Creating Keepsakes" for two years, and living the high-life with her huge cash prize! Dinner on Liz!

I love you Liz, thanks for being such an awesome sister! When you get back it's time to celebrate! Woot Woot!

Go here to congratulate her!


Andrew & Jenna said...

i'm freaking out and i don't even know her! that's what blogs will do to you. tell her congratulations, that is so freaking awesome! yes, us worn-out rammells would love to hang out with you hairy and hilarious frames. we get home in ten days. what's our plan?

elizabeth said...

I used to wonder why collin was so protective of you...hello? because you are the cutest!!
I love you!! Thanks for the sweet post!!
you know this means you have to pose for more pics for me...ha ha!

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