hi i'm emily and i'm addicted to shoes.

Fall Finds #1
I love packing up my summer clothes, and getting out my sweaters, coats, boots and thick tights. One of my goals for fall was to acquire the right bootie/oxford. Here are my picks in every color. I spent all weekend buying, trying on, and then returning all but one glorious pair. My buddy Nyles at Nordstrom for sure hates me by now.

the winner

loser #1: 5 inch heel. i don't like seeing eye to eye with russ. literally.

loser #2: maybe when i get my christmas bonus.

There are too many awesome fall fashions this year, what's your favorite?


Andrew & Jenna said...

sweater dresses and layering with different sleeve lengths. love the shoes, what's the designer?

emily k. frame said...

what do you do when you wear a sweater dress and the butt gets all stretched out?

top to bottom:

Dolce Vita
Michael Kors

rebokbeck said...

i love love love the brown ones on top!!! So hot!!

Brooke and Shawn... said...

Love the shoes, but I'm scared of them and the snow. Have you ever played ticket to ride? it's the funnest game that Shawn and I love-

Andrew & Jenna said...

i guess you just get a new sweater dress. try cashmere, it doesnt stretch as bad.

Kent and Leisy said...

top ones are the greatest.

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