yes please

I usually just say no to T.V. (with the exception of the food network) Now that fall is here, for some reason I can't decline anymore.

I am too excited for it to be normal for the following:
1. Cashmere Mafia: S.A.T.C minus the S. It is the same stylist though so I can still gawk at the designer beauties. This one doesn't start til December 4th. Boooo!

2. The Big Bang Theory: I stumbled upon this one yesterday on CBS. I laughed out loud at least 12 times which is rare.

3. Project Runway: love love love Tim Gunn, "make it work". I was very happy to see Jeffrey Sebelia win last season.

4. Jim and Pam. May their relationship be less lame than last week.

4 hours a week for T.V... hmmm. If I lift 5 lb. weights while on the couch will I be less of a lazy-sack?


Sarah said...

I'm coming over to watch Cashmere Mafia with you. Save me a seat on your sectional.

Kayla said...

ha ha i love jim and pam but so cheesey:)

The Howards said...

Oh by the way jack does get sad too cause we lost his face looks just like hers.

sarah said...

unless you bought that sectional from ikea with no back support, then i will be bringing my own folding chair. xoyou

shooshoo said...


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