Dana, Julianne, Nicole, Lindsay, Brooke and Yours Truly

highschool is ridiculous regardless. these are the people that got me through with a smile on my face... until they graduated, and ditched me.

on a rare occasion can we all find the time to be at the same place for more than 20 minutes, and it was a pleasure. here is what remains of our posse 7 years later.


Dana Dastrup said...

I love this picture!! But what I love even more is that after all of these years we are still the best of friends. This is what true friendship is all about! I couldn't be more grateful for a better group of friends. You girls got me through the fun, sad, and all the hard times!! Em, sorry we ditched you but someone had to stay around THS and keep the "BBFW" spirit around the halls!!

MegsandJ said...

Frameh. I can't believe it's you, i've waited a long time for this day to come. How did you find me??? So what is new? I heard you quit gap... so did I! Just doing Insurance pretty lame I know. We are just living in a small little house in provo. It's fun, where are you guys at? Give me the business.
p.s. the best part on your blog is:
if your a bird then i'm a bird... oh good times of the notebook.

Kayla said...

you all look great:)

TJ & Chelsey said...

Emily!! it is amazing who you can find on these things! Youre blog is so cute! I'm new to the whole thing...so its gonna take time! haha

Noah and Lindsay said...

I love these girls!!!

Kirsten Krason said...
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