oh hush

one of my biggest annoyances is college students who come from far and wide to utah... and then complain about it.

case in point: without fail every semester someone from "Orange County" (they won't specify which city because it's so far inland it's almost Nevada) says that "So-Cal" or "Cali" is so-o much better than my Utah. Blah Blah blah. Barf. Blah.

but lookie here... Lindsay Lohan (from L.A.) would rather be where? what was that? ahh yes, UTAH!

And I quote--

"I'm staying in Utah until it's time to shoot my new movie and then I plan on returning to Utah so I can stay focused and avoid other distractions."

i fully realize she is not the best poster child for utah, and she's only hanging here so she doesn't pound a kilo of blow but i don't care.
i love california as much as the next gal, but i wave my utah flag with pride.

can we all just enjoy where we're at and stop the utah bashing? thanks. xo


Lindsay Lohan said...

Hey Em,

I hate LA, but I do love blow. Let's hang out again, you're too cute.



[e] + [r] said...

Someone needs to fess up to this comment, unless it's really you Lindsay and then I'm free when you're free. ha.


Kimberly Ngarupe said...

me too! let's hang out...seriously. (i'm as much of a lindsay fan as the next fool.)

Kayla said...

ha ha thats all i have to say

Sean and Janet Eyring said...

there are other states besides UT?

Andrew & Jenna said...

i second that em. i love the soCal thing, barf.

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

yes! do you have the queen bee one?

Andrew & Jenna said...

so dont worry-the night of your post i see lindsay lohan at happy sumo. great timing.

Matt Clayton said...

To The Shops at Riverwoods!

elizabeth said...

we went shopping last week at forever 21...okay but she was standing 2 feet from me-poor thing was definitely on somethin'

Lindsay Ross said...

krist sees her in rehab all the time and she said the magazines lied. Lindsay does not actually tend to the horses... she merely looks at them from afar.
p.s. Kristi is actually of an employee of the rehab center this time rather than a returning patient.

Lindsay Ross said...

there should be an "i" at the end of Kristi, i dont call her "krist" i just simply cant type.

[e] + [r] said...

Go Krist! I am glad to here she is just employed there. Warms me heart.

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

ok! let's go! i want to see it so bad.

The Moody Tree said...

emily, I agree. I was always a defender of utah when I went to college. I would always tell those complainers to shut their yap. they should have just stayed there if it was soooooooo bad here. not that I dont love cali, but I was born and raise in Happy valley. :)

charity said...

guaranteed anyone who boast of "cali" is from the 909. No one near the beach calls it that. so sorry peeps. hometown does not equal coolness.

have i mentioned how cool i am that i live by the beach?

he he, j/k, but not really.

SoCal4Life said...

Yah, like whatever! I went to Enrichment Night and guess who was giving the lesson on how to disguise your blood alcohol levels during a breathalizer test???! Guess!!!

Lindsay Frickin Lohan!

And SoCal is SoBetter than Utard!! I'm from SoCal, Barstow that is, the Real OC.

matt + lindy said...

utah for life.

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