blog action day 10.15

so i keep getting e-mails about blog action day, asking me what i do to keep my life "green".

these are 2 easy ways that i've found i can make less of an impact...

1. re-usable grocery sacks: i always admired jill taylor (yes the mom on home improvement) for taking her own tote bags to the grocery store. the trick is planning in advance. i just keep them in my trunk.

this is anya hindmarch's take on the simple idea. you can get one of these for about 4o$, or you can scoot to a craft store and pay a lot less.

i'll admit, it was sort of embarrassing the 1st time, Smith's still gives me weird looks. when i go to Good Earth they pretty much bust out in applause.

2. lightbulbs: i bought mine at ikea, but you can get them anywhere. they use a lot less energy and they last a lot longer.

got any more ideas for me?


collin said...

I try to help the environment by driving a car that gets 9.3 miles per gallon.

Ash said...

RECYCLE. I know I know, I am turning into an oregonian.

Our grocery stores here pay us to have the canvas bags. 5 cents a sack they would have used.

only flush the toliet when youve pooped. just kidding. thats just gross.

Ash said...

hey the necklace with the finger print- where is that from? does that bug that I ask- i know I like to have my unique peices of jewlery as well.

[e] + [r] said...

don't be sorry. the fingerprint necklace is from shopintuition.com.

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