saturday crafternoon

necessity is the mother of invention... i wanted a picture wall a.s.a.p. and this took maybe 1 hour total.

1. scoot over to home depot pick yourself up some chicken wire, 2 spray paint cans in the colors of your choice (we chose sour apple and gold) and clothespins.

2. scurry over to costco, macey's, or a photo development place of business and blow up 2 year old wedding pics that you keep putting off for... 2 years.

3. spray paint the chicken wire (sour apple) and clothespins (gold)... or don't. but it only takes 5 minutes. let dry, then nail or staple to the wall the chicken wire to the wall of your choice.

4. use clothespins to attach your pics to the wire. presto. finished.


Dana Dastrup said...

I love love love it!!

elizabeth said...

That turned out cool em!!

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

you're so creative.

wishenuponastar said...

that is so stinkin cute, I am so going to do it!

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