taggedy tagged tag. sigh.

1. when i was little i had some serious steez. i was always rocking the "chi-chi" (pacifier) and the stunner shades.

2. i used a "chi-chi" until i was 4. my parents would steal them from me, and i'd find them and hide them under my pillow. my dad came into my room one night and i had it in my mouth, so he took it and cut the nipple off. (i'm still not over it.)

3. i was super loud. loud crier, loud talker, screamer, singer etc. all our home videos i am yelling at the top of my lungs.

2. when i grew up, all i wanted to do was be a mom. i am so pumped in the picture below because my mom was going to let me hold my little sister bethany for the first time.

3. i also wanted to be a marine biologist, a teacher, a hair-doer, an actress and a singer.

4. i was all about rollerblading. i would go off jumps like my brothers, try to grind rails etc. this is super embarrassing but i had a pair of corduroy JNCO jeans. (FUBU for crackers) so cute right?

now for russ:

1. russ says that he would fish old bottles of milk out of the sink and drink them when he was hungry. he claims this is why he likes vinegar-y flavors.

2. he would walk to the gas station everyday in the summers, by bag of "seeds" and a big gulp of coke and play video games.

3. russ remembers hanging out with the missionaries when he was younger. they would come over and play basketball and listen to led zeppelin. apostate much?

4. russ was the cutest little thing in the world, and still is.


Brooke and Shawn... said...

You guys will have cute kids! Missed you at luch!

{emily + russ} said...

i'm sad i couldn't go! the tire was so flat that i ruined my rim. whoops!

Kayla R. said...


collin said...

For-Us-By-Us...i don't blame you for sporting the JNCo jeans, I think we got our ghetto-fabulousness from mom...remember she used to by Hobie and JimmyZ t-shirts for me and chad from a dude out of the trunk of his car? ...hang on, my pager's beeping...

collin said...

ps you were the cutest little pollo legged girl ever...you had that chi-chi-ring of dirt on your face for years...still miss it.

matt + lindy said...

so cute. you will have darling kids.

elizabeth said...

can't wait til there's a little mini em running around.
i love that even when you were a little girl you had crazy style!

Sandra Barnhart said...

I am a definite blog-stalker of yours. I mostly stay for you interesting choice in music. I wanted to at least make my prescense known and tell you that I do agree, you will have beautiful children!

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