best of 2007: albums

i think we've established that music is my life. i also think its safe to say that this year has been huge for music lovers everywhere.
i decided that i would close this year with the lesser known (and some of the hugely popular) "best ofs"

here are some of my favorites from the lovely 2007. top to bottom left to right.

1. ST. VINCENT {marry me}
annie clark will break your heart.
2. THE NATIONAL {boxer} soft + slow. if you need more rock in your roll try their previous album "alligator".
3. IRON + WINE {the shepherd's dog} sam beam has a lot of talent nestled in that beard of his. a+ track= boy with a coin.
4. ARCADE FIRE {neon bible} they defy all categorization-- i think they created their own genre. a+ track= neon bible, ocean of noise.
5. KINGS OF LEON {because of the times} no words. still the best live show i've seen.the whole album is a must. a+ tracks= charmer, camaro
6. FEIST {the reminder} who doesn't. thank you apple for giving leslie the credit she deserves.
7. RYAN ADAMS {easy tiger} class kookoo ryan. a+ track= two.
9. INTERPOL {our love to admire} paul banks voice is like rain. how cheesy of me.
10. ROGUE WAVE {asleep at heaven's gate}
11. ALBERT HAMMOND Jr. {yours to keep} a lesser known strokes bandmate spins gold.
12. LOW {drums and guns}
13. DR. DOG {we all belong} no, its not gangster rap, its indie pop love.
14. EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY {all of the sudden i miss everyone}
SPOON {ga ga ga ga ga} inconspicuously catchy.
16. SHINS {wincing the night away} a+ track= a powerful opener called sleeping lessons.
17. MENOMENA {friend + foe} visceral is a good word i think.
18. ANDREW BIRD {armchair apocyrpha}

19. YOUNG LOVE {too young to fight it} if russ will dance to this, so will you.
20. RILO KILEY {under the blacklight}


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Shanna & Brad said...

You should probably know...i usually pull up your blog in my bedroom to listen to your playlist. my ipod got stolen and so now I resort to surfing blogs for an adequate playlist to listen to while I clean. sounds a little creepy but a girls gotta get some tunes somehow. anyhow, I fancy your taste in music.

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