the best week ever

making danish...

danish is a christmas pastry that my family has made for, like, ever. its soft flaky bread, braided around custard and topped with icing. i ate a whole one myself, and i'm not sorry at all.

into the oven, and now we wait by taking lame pictures of ourselves. it really is the holidays.

christmas day
in case you were worried, i got everything i could've asked for and more. the best gifts are the ones you don't ask for, but they are perfect anyway... russ was super thoughtful this year, he knows how much the dern ipod earbuds hurt my unusually small ear-holes, so he got me some of these bad-boys. i recommend. the sound is incredible.

new year's eve
sledding at solider's hollow. avery being her usual hilarious self.

dinner at the zermatt, so tasty! then back to p-town for some serious gaming, snacking, and goal-making.

thanks mom and dad, for feeding us like kings all week, and your utmost generosity! if 2008 is anything like 2007 its gonna be amaz-zazing.


{emily + russ} said...
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dave old ravey said...

I know you miss/love my ass.

{emily + russ} said...

everytime i watch will & grace. i miss being your hag.

L&R said...

here's my blog for you...


Andrew & Jenna said...

every time i get it i think to myself....this must be for both of us-but NO. F At & T, Cingular or whatever the hell they want to be called. Also-there are multiple hidden charges in the iphone. for instance if you touch with your hand the voicemail you want to hear, it's an additional minute. swearing encouraged. let's get together.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I came across your blog while browsing your sister Elizabeths. I was immediatly drawn to it because of your musical interest. I have the same problem with the earbuds hurting my ears and have been looking for a good pair of headphones. What brand are these?? Thanks so much! And thanks for all the great recommendations for music! I love them! Amber

{emily + russ} said...

Hey Amber!

The brand is called "Skull Candy". The sound is great and they don't give me an ear-ache afterwards!

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