oh no you didn't

many a girl/boy has asked us about our feelings toward the iphone. up until yesterday i had nothing but rave reviews.
now, not so much.
in case you're not an ant- and you can't read it, it says $374.52. for 2 people. yep.
i'm angrily shaking my fist in the air as we speak.

and on a totally unrelated point...
get out your thinking caps
cash advance

thanks ash.


elizabeth said...

Who knows what Avery bought or looked up when she plays with Russ's phone searching for pictures!!

We may owe you some dough for that bill!;)

Ash said...

what the! $374! Dane is thinking about getting one. Should I refrain?

Is it just because of the internet or what?

Ash said...

I think we are both on right now... funny. Are we addicted to blogging or what.

Yes little Charlene. Except now she is 19. Maturity wise she is still 13. So it really is not good.
The dad " is just more himself when he is High and drunk." Direct quote from char herself.

Ash said...

I guess we all have our own trials. Being barren is mine I guess. sigh.

East Center Street said...

Emung. I wore it. I loved it. You?
Love CoCo
P.S. Proof of the wear, eastcenterstreet.blogspot.com
A post just for you.

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

thanks for posting on the food blog; it seems as if everyone has forgotten about it but i have too much pride to beg people to post.

cbass said...

Our first month condo payment when we got married was only $150 more than your cell phone. But we didn't have internet. Call it a wash.

Kayla said...

oooooohhhh i am so sorry:( that sucks the big one!

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