oh boy

usually i get spring fever around march- but how can you resist when ready-to-wear spring lines come out in january? cue the drool.

truth be told, i have 20/20 vision. i might fake it for these cuties.

the chloe "bay" bag. i sort of love the bone color.
ignore mischa. i am still fa-reaking over the stephen sprouse for LV scarves.

granted, etsy is not a "designer", but this is so sweet. i'm also pretty obsessed with swallows, so these studs are perfect.

a daintier version of the so-hot-right-now gladiator sandal. (balenciaga) and the only modest floral dress to hit the runway. (etro)

this outfit totals 8 car payments at my house. but it's just so dang cute right?
one day ladies, one day.


dave odd ravey said...

have i told you lately that your F.S. is flawless. you bitch.

{emily + russ} said...

question= what the h is F.S.?

comment= no swearing on the ol' blog, there a children present

love you old ravey

Sugar Bean said...

Oh how I can't wait for that day. I love the Dress!

collin said...

Yeah, wtf is F.S, bish?

Russ needs to stop writing these posts under the pen name, "Emily". He aint fooling no one.

davey odd ravey said...

Oh, you guys are such squares. F.S. means fashion sense. You are making me look more faggy then I already am.

I apologize framay, I will no longer use the swears. I forgot yous was marmans.

amanda said...

I tried to comment under your "weekend recommendations" but it wouldn't let me. So, I'm wise crakin' here. I also really liked Pizzeria 712. Because they ran out of the chocolate cake (which I've heard is amazing) and they took a little too long to get us our dessert they gave us two desserts for free! Can't argue with that. Also, I haven't seen the whole episode of Cashmere Mafia (I'm watching it online right now) but I like what I've seen so far!

{lindy baker cakes} said...

Loved Pizzeria 712. And I too enjoyed the margherita pizza and smores. Wahoo.

Heather said...

Pizza 712= delicioius!

Kayla said...

i just started recording mafia!!!

Fullmer Family said...

Pizza 712 is so gooooood! Smores were scorching hot, but delish.

ali said...

These comments are cracking me up. And girl, you've got some mean FS (fashion sense, right?). I'd go for any of these picks. And also, I can't ignore Mischa. Even when I don't really like her, she is undeniably, eye-poppingly beautiful.

Karli Elaine Haglund said...

um, yeah, you forgot about something else so rare and fateful that it has only happened once to those especially deserving diners at pizzeria 7020 or w.t.f. it's called (i can never remember those damn numbers so from now on, i'm calling it the maxx. correct. from s.b.t.b.)

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