two of many 2008 resolutions.

1. hold family home evening every monday night--

we haven't ever really done this faithfully, and even though we don't have sprouts, we felt like we should probably step it up. when it's just the 2 of ya, every night could be considered FHE, right?

2. take better care of myself--

russ and i are admittedly ridiculous. we both have salary jobs which we end up working around 45 hours a week at. we both go to school full-time. russ has his own sub-contracted flooring business that he runs outside of his day job, i do the square magazine thing, we have 2 church callings each and blah blah blah. you get the picture, we're busy. we're tired.

so we killed too birds with one stone by taking better care of ourselves DURING f.h.e.:

*couples massage. it was blissful. we used to go often, and stopped after we became broke home-owners, but in orem at the mainspring day spa you can get two 1 hour massages for 50$ total. sure their decor is heinous majoris, but that is a screamin' deal! tell them large marge sent ya. (name that movie)

*wax candle to the ear. what is this you ask? let me give you the play-by-play:

-insert skinny waxed tube into ear
- place protective plate above head so you don't singe yourself
- light the tube on fire
-sit there for 15 minutes while the flame moves closer and closer to your face
-when you can no longer handle the heat, take out the tube.
-let tube dry
-if you want to vomit, cut the tube open and see your ear's present to you.

let me tell you, it is gnarly.

russ is an old pro.

i was pretty scared.


Andrew & Jenna said...

im' so happy we're so much alike. andrew and i literally do the wax and massage thing semi-anually (like conference) just to be nice to ourselves. thanks for the words of encouragement, made my heart warm.

Sugar Bean said...

How funny, I just bought some yesterday. I can't wait for Sunday to have waxless ears.

Sugar Bean said...

P.s. Tell Russ I love his Latino-stash

Fullmer Family said...

I love those wax things! Looking at what came out of your ears is another story.

charity said...

thanks for the much needed laugh out loud at your scared face!! it's so great! you look like you don't know if you should stop, drop & roll or scream.

Dana Dastrup said...

I remember when Russ did this at the pink house once!! I love the two of you.. If I haven't told you enough! Those are great New Year Resolutions!

collin said...

Those things are supposed to go in your ear?? whoops.

Kayla said...

ok i am so doing that! i am way excited to watch it after all this cheer camp is done:)

Sugar Bean said...

I did it, and I almost lit my house on fire... Beware!

Rena in FL said...

Linked on to your blog from Liz... You are a hoot girl!! I have done the de-wax de-bunk before too. Loved it. I think I still have one in my cupboard. I think I'll do that for F.H.E tonight as a magic trick....my kids will love it.

John from Grand Haven, MI said...

large marge? pee-wee's big adventure, of course. doesn't everyone know that?!

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