i anthropologize.

was the weather not GLORIOUS today? there's something about 55 degrees, the sunroof open and fresh air that makes me want to max out my credit card at anthro.

i'm in a legendarily good mood today. spring will do that to me.

loving this book. i'm morally opposed to all things nazi, but this picture really gets me.
is oxymoronical a word? cause that defines this photo.

love finding new blogs with smart writers

love fake denim leggings (perfect for under babydoll dresses or long tees)
and i finally found something to wash my jeans with that doesn't fade them into oblivion.

and if the U.S. dollar wasn't the new peso, i'd order these cuties-- only 18 UK pounds.

p.s. and russ and i found the best longboard hill in peeg EVER, we're gonna try it out tonight...
wish me luck! i'm going to need it.


Kayla R. said...

ha ha sweet good luck! I will agree with the wonderful weather Lily and I were out there playing all day!

cbass said...

lol at the U.S. peso comment...pretty sad when Canada gets a discount now buying U.S. products. Where is the hill at? Not 11 Hundy, i hope?!

|emily| said...

oh heavens no. its either mahogany ridge or one of the ridges. new pavement, no gravel. i will still eat it.

Suzy said...

The weather is amazing. I find myself taking a huge deep breath every time I go out side and people look at me like I'm strange, but I don't care.
and FYI my skin is soooo NOT perfect. I actually had this gigantic zit on my lip that luckily the picture doesn't show, ask Ash I complained about it all weekend. But thanks anyway!!!

Dana Dastrup said...

Angela hasw a blog and I know you like finding new people http://www.aasaucecom.blogspot.com/

The Howards said...

ok so tell me if this is just me but in my comments that people leave ya know... I always get these virus things that say like click here and I have gotten like 4 of them so far what do i do? Help its so frustrating!

Fullmer Family said...

where did you get the fake denim leggings? I love them:)

|emily| said...

american apparel! i've already worn them like 6 times.

CHUNTZ said...

So this is what you've been doing instead of studying for our test...hmmmmm

|emily| said...

oh boy

Anonymous said...


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