summer = festivals

as much as i won't admit it, this is probably our last summer in utah. russ and i have agreed that we need to fill it with vacations, weekend trips, and all things utah-ish. first on the list:


what: 3 day music festival $90/day {april 25-april 27}
{april 25}
tegan + sara, raconteurs, the national, stars, vampire weekend, rogue wave, architecture in helsinki, cut copy and more.
{april 26}
rilo kiley, M.I.A., cold war kids, devotchka, stephen malkmus, st. vincent, new young pony club and more.
{april 27}
shout out louds, the annuals, manchester orchestra. {sunday isn't worth it}

see all your favorite bands, camp-out like a gypsy
why not: you will reek of 25,756 other people's B.O. and there isn't
you can do about it.

and after that we've got bonnarooo {june} in tennesse and austin city limits in texas {september}.

see ya there!


andrew & jenna said...

don't worry. my dad is from indio and tries to go to coachella each year. wish we could join you.

|emily| said...

wish? you're coming!

Dana Dastrup said...

You FORGOT a VERY important Summer activity... Swimming up at my parents house! How could you forget? Or maybe you didn't want to come :(

|emily| said...

how could i forget. that's the best part of summer, lets go to powell too!

Dana Dastrup said...

My family is actually going June 25... you in?

Dana Dastrup said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
|emily| said...

that is funny. we're going down that same week with alex grow! let's arrange another week, i need to get my fill of powell.

ck said...

did you make up all those band names or am I Daniel pretending I know what "The Chokie" is?

Dana Dastrup said...

I don't know when another week would be!! But I know my fam will probably go a couple of times, but aren't I more important then Alex anyway??? Apparently not!! Just kidding, but I guess he can take my best friend down to Lake Powell!! My hell even though it's my last summer with my best friend!! Wow I seriously just teared up when I wrote that!! What am I going to do?? Oh no I better stop thinking about it because I am going to start bawling in .02!! Love you

Mogul said...
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Doum said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
James & Lindsey said...


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charity said...

what are all the deleted comments?
are they scandalous???

when in indio, visit charity on the not-worth-it sunday. :)

Kayla R. said...

WOO hoo! sounds like fun

Hey Ho Its Ashleigh Noel said...

ummm Alan Spears?
What was his obsession playing the spoons again?
And his rain/army boots?
That made my day.
Ivy took the best years of my life.

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