my mood ring is a murky brown

01. my epidermis is struggling.

my skin has been ULTRA sensitive as of late.

exhibit A:

my monthly brow wax. no, that's not tigerlily on her way to the big pow-wow, that is my skin post-wax. dana says i get the reddest of all her clients.

exhibit B:

i usually use the ALL brand's "free-clear" detergent (no artificial colors, scents, ingredients and blah blah blah) because of the aforementioned sensitive skin.

--insert whiney voice here--
but sometimes, just once i would like to crawl into bed and smell the fresh scent of lavender as i drift off to sleep. SO, i cast my better judgement aside and used my favorite... Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day lavender detergent on the sheets last week. --end whiney voice--

and this is what happened...

it's not 40 lashings--my back started itching like a mo-fo and i started scratching away!

sensitive skin + scratching + recently filed nails = blood bath

(a week later i have long skinny scabs all over my back. sad.)

02. homeland security can kiss mine.

i was planning on spending a lovely weekend in newport beach with my mom and sister. all i needed to do was to get my name on someone else's ticket-- apparently this is a threat to our war on terror? airline's consolation-- "you can buy a new ticket for $1200.00" really? can i? GEE, thanks!

so, right now i am guessing my mom and charity are at south coast plaza shopping to their hearts content. booooooo!!!!

03. why i am not graduated yet?

i'm walking out of UVSC today and i see chelsey bergmann. why do you care? because i used to wipe her heineken for chump-change. the little girl i used to babysit and i are now attending the same college. sweet. i feel old and unaccomplished.

so to summarize: my skin sucks, i am not in california, and i am still not graduated.

at least i get to spend more quality time with the birthday boy. {life is still good.}


Kirsten Sue said...

I too can sympathize with all your complaints. My skins sucks, I am not on vacation and I am still in school. And I don't even get to spend time with my husband because he is in Utah for six weeks for his job. So my life is worse. I win.

Lindsay said...

Oh how I love my Emily. Cheer up, "things will work out, they always do!"

amanda said...

Bummer. I have an amazing moisturizer for sensitive skin in mind...if you need a recommendation?

Millas said...

I feel like this all of the time. No matter how good life is looking at the moment, I cannot get passed my little mistakes that I have made on the way. You're a great person and really have a lot going for you at the moment. As a friend once told me, when you hit the wall, hit your knees.

Fullmer Family said...

my eyes are super sensitive too. I can't even wax them anymore with out ripping skin off! Yikes!

andrew & jenna said...

are you kidding me with those lashes? wowZA. feel better. at least you look amazing.

Sandra in MN said...

I appreciate so much that you can make light of dark times. Thanks for the laugh!

Kaitlyn said...

That stinks Em that you didn't get to go see Charity, and your poor back looks painful! I hope your weekend is better than your week was. :)

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

this is what i had to do for the sensitive skin detergent problem...tide pure essentials. they have lemon verbena and white lilac scent. this is the best stuff i have found for sensitive skin. if you want to check it out the website is http://www.tide.com/en_US/products/product.jsp?topic=details&product=tide_pureessentials

The Moody Tree said...

I know how you feel. I full on break out in hives/rash if I use anything other than "free & clear" detergent.

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

the invention of free nights and weekends is the best invention since sliced carbohydrates.

charity said...

ya, it must be genetic. I've been using All Free and Clear for years. I can't walk within 100 yards of the fragrance counter. I can't use scented lotions or body washes. One time, I washed my undies with normal detergent and it took about six weeks until my hives went away.

I nearly cried when I heard the sad tale of the irrational fee. wah. I even saved a South Coast gift card so I could have funds to splurge with.

wah.at least we have eternity as sisters!!

Anonymous said...
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Kent and Leisy said...

ew em. If it makes you feel better, I have bumps all over my arms and legs. At my wrists where I can no longer resist the urge to scratch, they are bleeding. For me it's the weather. oh, and I have been getting bloody noses every morning when I wake up. blasted sensitive skin. keep complaining! it makes me feel better :)

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

i think i may have found a solution to the sensitive redness. i haven't tried it yet so i'm not sure but i was browsing on sephora and i found something. check it out.

Andrew & Jenna Rammell said...

he owes me 8.50 since i bought my blasted tickets on fandango.

Anonymous said...
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James & Lindsey said...

That stinks about your sensitive skin! I'm sorry!! We have some sweet skin products at the place I work for sensitive skin! If you need anything just let me know. I don't know about the whole laundry detergent thing. Oprah had some people on who started a cleaning supplies company that is all green. I'll have to see if I can find out who it is. It is suppose to be really good for sensitive skin because it is all natural. Anyway, I'll let you know when I find out!

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