i feel like i need to preface why i was so weird/ugly/crazy/embarrassing this entire weekend. i blame it on the 6 glasses of Dr. Pepper i had at The Pie before our Real Salt Lake experience. (p.s. they killed D.C. 4-0)

6 glasses is only a big deal because i haven't had soda (or anything caffeinated in 3 years)

Real Salt Lake soccer fans are die-hard. the ref made a couple bad calls and their was some gnashing of teeth going on. click on this pic to enlarge just how disgusted this lady was with me.

the next pic, i have no excuse for-- the photog said "look excited" and i was the only one to comply.

sunday was a real beaut.
ask brin-face if she wants to go the park, & she'll say "dep!" (yep.)
bethany striking out.
daddi-o and russ after their derby. russ' eyes are always closed. always.

the playground brought up some serious issues. growing up in arizona, it was usually too hot to play on anything with metal... so let's make up for lost time like the weirdos we are.

russ took the top off of the Scout, aka "Pride and Joy" aka "P.J." for short.

love a man in a backwards cap...


Hey Ho Its Ashleigh Noel said...

love the pics.
Love love the brown pants you're wearing in them-

Just got news you'll be outta town this weekend. Gay. For real. However- thursday it sounds we are all gathering. uhhh number is 503-302-9665.

charity said...

Dep! i love that about Brin!

that's some sweet stuff the Dpepper get's you to do!! love it!

i missed out, huh?

Lindsay Ross said...

that lady looks like she is missing an eye

jenna marie said...

i peed. right now. i did. i miss you already. come get your sign.

Kent and Leisy said...

you can add "spasibo" to that thank-you list if you'd like. I love your spring pics (and apparent spring fever) and yes, I do laugh when my baby cries.

Kayla R. said...

love it! you are so cute...cant wait until thursday:) love ya em

Kayla R. said...

love it! you are so cute...cant wait until thursday:) love ya em

Coby said...

I love Danish people. My brother Clay did the double flip off after we scored our third goal, I think. It was pretty funny. You need to go when they play Chivas if you want to see some teeth gnashing. My brother always pulls out his spanish swear words and I always bury my head into my lap. That park is in my backyard too, what a beautiful place.

The UnMighty said...

Are you a hardcore Real fan yourself, or were you just emotionally invested?

emily frame !!! said...

you know, i am not sure?!

i am guessing it was the 26 grams of caffeine surging through my veins combined with my competitive side that always comes out at live sporting events combined with peer pressure combined with the need to make other people laugh with/at me.

kara jo haught said...

you are hilarious!

Kit Kartchner said...

it was a delight to see you two, unexpectedly, cruising down University in P.J with the tunes playing and your silk scarf blowin' in the wind on the way to Grandma's!
That was a fun day, wasn't it?
P.S. I don't love Russ "best"; but I sure love that he always seems happy to see me! And I do LOVE Russ!

J&B Barrett said...

Well Helloo.. I havent seen you FOREVER! I love your blog! Just wanted to say Whats up!

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