fifty + one

guess who's birthday it is???

Kathalyn "Kit" Rowley Kartchner, that's who.

her dad was in the Navy so she was a world traveler growing up...
but spent most of her days in the LBC... Long Beach, CA
she made all her own clothes (and later all her kids' clothes too)
which is why she was such a fashionista...

she met my dad at BYU where she was going to school. she is sort of a genius, and was the 1st woman to receive the Hinckley Scholarship. she speaks French, she is amazing at painting, sketching, writing, poetry, singing, harp, piano, flute, wake-surfing and can sew just about anything you want.

my mom is the definition of a life-long learner. she is constantly educating herself, reading, studying and researching and sharing said education with those around her.

she gave her scholarship up when she became "with child" with my brother chad.
and was a MOTHER ever since.

i am however, not grateful for the 10 pound baby gene.

she continues to be an amazing nurturer to her 6 kids, 3 kids-in-law, and soon to be 4 grandkids. (i'm pretty sure she loves russ more than me, but i'm okay with it.)

they love "GiGi" or "Gama"

my mom has taught me so many things...

to love learning
to forgive
to rely on the Lord
to be grateful
diets don't work
to put family and my covenants first no matter what
to cool my jets... her favorite threat.
to dance even if you don't got the moves
to never be the first to let go of a hug
to respect and enjoy nature
to be loyal

can't wait to see how crazy you get in the next 50 years...
i love you mom!


tiffany carter said...

Happy Birthday Em's Mom!....(em like the posts together.. )

charity said...

yay & amen!! happy birthday mom! love you!

Stacey Sargent said...

I don't know if i'm reading into this blog and i just don't know that maybe someone else in your family is having another baby...but are you pregers?
maybe im weird but maybe i am smart and figured out your sly hints

jenna marie said...

such true words about dear kitty kat. happy bday

Kat Clark said...

Happy Birthday Kit! Thanks for the kind words you left on my blog a few weeks back!

Fenridal said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
emily frame !!! said...


not pregs. my sister in law liz is due in june, but that was some observant reading out of you.

Kirsten Sue said...

Your mom is so pretty!

Kit Kartchner said...

Dear dear dear Emily-- I love you to pieces! Hopefully my willingness to unabashedly dance in the kitchen, despite my lack of co-ordination and training, will give you wings. . . permission to do all the things your lil' heart desires. . . no matter WHO may scoff or laugh!

The next 50 are going to be fantabulous. . . I am looking forward to millions of magical moments with you and billions of blessings with your babies
(prego or not right now) in the years to come! Thanks for the loving words. . . . Mom

Rupeshow said...

i want to! my last class is tuesday but i'm free mw in the day and friday all day so let's do something.

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

it's really not that long. it's starting to drive me crazy.

i agree about "into the wild." it is an incredible movie.

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

that is weird. i posted both of those comments but davis must've been signed in because it is showing up as rupeshow. sorry.

Jam Rob said...

one of the best flicks ive seen in a long while

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