today my dad is 54! i am offering you the condensed version of why i love him so much!

but first...
kartchner family history 101:
William Decatur Kartchner (pioneer from P.A. settled Snowflake, A.Z.)+ Margaret = Orrin
Orrin Kartchner + Annella Hunt = Kenner Casteel Kartchner ("K.C.")
K.C. Kartchner + Electa Adlee Lindsey = Stanley Kartchner
Grandpa Stanley + Wanda = Kelly Dean Kartchner born April 6, 1954.
Kelly + Kit = me

got that?

01. gene pool.

people ask me if he's my brother all the time. he tans like a native, has the brightest blue eyes and has more hair on his head than jesse katsopolis. he continues to do triathalons, bikes 26 miles without breaking a sweat, skis like a pro and will wakeboard if you beg him.
02. the sporting life.

my dad instilled in me a love for the outdoors (not camping though, he hates it) every weekend we'd be at the lake, riding bikes, swimming in the pool, on motorcycle rides up the canyon, he even let me take him rollerblading when i was 12, but he ate it so hard i started crying cause i felt so bad.

03. the man can pound food.

i've never seen anyone eat so much in my life. somehow he makes whatever he's eating look so YUM. all his kids are always eating off his plate, and he happily shares. i love his creamed-tuna on toast, homemade syrup, or bread with milk and sugar.

04. triple squeeze.

when i was little whenever we'd walk into a store he'd hold my little hand and squeeze it 3 times. it meant "i love you" and i passed that on to russ, and i hope he passes it on to our girls too.

05. muzak.

he has never had a lesson yet he plays guitar and piano amazingly. sure, i have all his songs memorized, but they will always remind me of home. he plays his iPod louder than i do, and its filled with Led Zeppelin, Neil Young and the occasional 311.

06. work hard/play hard.

my dad is one of the smartest people i know. i know i can go to him for advice on my health, my schoolwork, church doctrine, or if my outfit makes me look fat. i don't know how many people can say they love hanging out with their dad. i do, and am lucky to be sealed to him and my family forever!

i love you dad, and can't imagine my life without you in it!


Rodebacks said...

My grandpa did that with my grandma and she passed it onto my dad who passed it onto me and I passed it onto Chris! I thought that was pretty funny! I hope Chris passes it onto Brynlee and if we have more girls them as well!

CHUNTZ said...

Beeeedee 3 obsessions first your moms hair, the pic with your parents kissing you and russ, and your music! Not gonna lie sometimes peoples music on their blogs drives me crazy but seriously lady Im ready for a cd gosh dangit!

Kaitlyn said...

Go Emily with the Kartchner geneology!!! I didn't know half of that.
Happy Birthday Uncle Kelly!! I've always thought he was a pretty cool Uncle.
How come I didn't get any of the music genes passed to me? Seems like everyone else has it...

Karly said...

emily, i am wondering if you can help me with something, a while ago you told me that you can see who comes on your blog, is it something i have to download? I keep hearing all these scarry stocker stories, i want to see if anyone sketchy is viewing my blog - thanks

Akinogal said...
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Jam Rob said...

so emily whats the beef. school? kids in stomach? inform me.

elizabeth said...

Such a sweet post Em!

Brooke and Shawn... said...

nothing makes me happier than seeing a good dad.

charity said...

ah...you're post was so much better than mine.

thanks for the rememberizing!! love you!

andrew & jenna said...

happy bday kelly. you the man. consider it done. caputos closes at 7 so we need to go up early.

Brooke and Shawn... said...

so true, thank goodness! We are blessing Afton in the next few weeks, I will email you with the details if you want to come.

|emily| said...

i'll be there!

Kayla R. said...

what a stud!

Dumuro said...
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kdkartch said...

I wanted to tell you publicly that I love you Em. I am still deeply touched by your tribute to me, which I did not deserve. I have always been in awe of you and all of my children.

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