can't hardly walk

just a few things:
first: i've been fashion editor at square mag for almost 1.5 years now, but i've never done much "editing" i just get to style it and walk away.

for the career issue i actually wrote the text to go with the spread, and it was shockingly exciting.
check it out and tell me what you think!

next: it's baseball season again, which means my precious nights are spent at a field or watching this:

. maybe jury duty won't be that bad after all.

lastly: jenny's pilates class kicked my arse on monday. i still walk like i got cavity searched.
can't wait for next week!?


Tiffany said...

ah come on.. the Twins! you know my team rocks! sorry about your arse.. i feel for you!

Coby said...

I wrote in that issue. And by the magician, I mean P. merlich.

Coby said...

Oh, and I coach the Freshman/Sophomore team at Timpview. But Jamie, joon, ryan hamblin, and i play on an indoor team.

andrew & jenna said...

i'm so relieved i came to your house last night. now i know when the world is ending-i just feel so much better.

elizabeth said...

Go Em! Right in your element- styling and writing!!

you rock girl!!

Yoga sounds fun! Are you taking it regularly?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kat Clark said...

Emily this might be weird but I read your blog all the time because I love it. I know we never really knew each other so sorry if this is creepy. I figured if I let you know I read it then it might be a little less creepy...Anyway, hope its alright if I keep on readin'

CHUNTZ said...

I cant stop laughing thinking about how sore you were the next day in class! LOL!

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