from muffin boy

dear mom,
happy mother's day! I just wanted to tell you:

*I love how when I got beat up in 7th grade you brought M.J. the ripped Polynesian to come scare off the punk who was messing with me.
*I love how you were always at my Little League, Jr. high, High School baseball games, even if you were the loudest and shriekiest Mom there and I went home embarrassed of all the nicknames you shouted during the game.
*I loved when I would do fundraisers at school and you'd make your employees buy it all or they'd be fired.
*I love that you kept tabs on Emily while I was on my mission.
*I love that you made me do the laundry and the dishes when I was young so I was better prepared for my married life.

Thank you for teaching me all I need to know in life.
I love you Mom!
Love, Russ aka Muffin Boy

Note: since Russ' mom lives all the way in Palm Desert, CA he finally decided to participate in the blog, even if it was just to avoid postage.

 happy mother's day Ingrid!! 
love, Russ and Emily
p.s. hi McKenzie, we miss you!


cbass said...

Awesome! Please tell me Russ is inheriting that sweet pink tank-top/pink Miami Vice get-up

Kayla R. said...

since you are not a mom yet:( Make sure you tell your mom Happy Mothers day:)

Hey Ho Its Ashleigh Noel said...

The news is out in the open.
It is actually quite a good story.
Thanks for being willing to keep it hush. You da bomb.com

Hey Ho Its Ashleigh Noel said...

we told his grandparents at dinner this weekend. Dane thought that it was validation to tell the world. So yes. My love, my husband, my one and only posted to the word on his facebook. Remember when I told you those stories when I was in Utah about your "friend and your work schedule?" They are friends on facebook-

Hey Ho Its Ashleigh Noel said...

uhh it doesnt atter. It is out in the open now. I guess I could call you and ask you to do it?? haha.
How is the trip planning coming? We need to get it started if it is going to happen--- cruise? NYC? Mexico? San Diago??

{lindy baker cakes} said...

This is really cute. I totally remember Ingrid(I'm pretty sure that's her name) yelling from the bleachers and calling my name and then snapping pictures of me without warning. haha.

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