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it's friday y'all and love is in the air:

a. with more reasons to love heidi klum

{on Project Runway} "We're in this dark, tiny room, and I have 15 people in front of me who are terrified. It's not like, 'Hey, what's up?' You can hear a mouse fart in that room."

she knows how much my bangs are BUGGIN' so she generously braids my hair for me every time i come to my parent's house. why i don't know how to french braid is a mystery to me as well.

c. peeg in springtime

and just because i know you care, i went to the neurologist and she said:
1. you have A-Typical Migraines. (yup, already knew that.)
2. I recommend you go off your birth control. (yup, already did that.)
3. your bill is coming in the mail. (yup, figured that.)


Lindsay said...

You inspire me!

journeytojohanssontown said...

Heidi Klum is my favorite model by far. i absolutley love her. Is this picture of trees in Lindon, if so I love that place, we are taking our yearly fall family picture there this year. Sorry about the headache thing. Maybe the wisconsin air will help out with that. Also last week was fun we need to try that again.

Fullmer Family said...

i love heidi. She has had what, three kids and she is freakin hot. Not to mention Project Runway, love it. I don't have t.v. so you'll have to update how the show is going:)

Kat Clark said...

Maybe this is obvious and like dugh but have you tried eliminating certain foods to help relieve the headaches? I know that if I have alot of sugary sweets during the day by the end of the night I am nauseated and have a headache. I also heard that apple juice has a natural pain relieving effect for headaches. I am sure that your migraines are much worse than just little night time frustrations but just thought I would throw that out there. Sorry you hurt. :(

CHUNTZ said...

Love that hair doo!

Lindsay said...

I love your braid. I've totally been copying your bang braid, I hope you don't mind!
P.S. I'm glad I'm not the only one who wants to be just like Heidi.

charity said...

uh oh...I know what going off bc means!!

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