one small step for man...

last night was Nicole + Dane's rehearsal dinner bash.
how cute are they? they were both so calm, relaxed and in love.

but before the bash something miraculous happened...

scene: i am at work, and get a call from Muffin

R: "Hey what are you doing"
E: "Just working"
R: "So what is the dress code for this thing tonight?" (wedding dinner)
E: "Um, just wear some slacks"
R: "Okay, good, that's what I thought. I just went to Forever 21 and picked some up."


E: "Really?"
R" "Yeah."

note: russ would rather sit on the greasy leather couches outside the premises than step foot in that store. going in on his own, without a word from yours truly?... music to my ears.


Hey Ho Its Ashleigh Noel said...

ahh so cute.
Emung- your hair looks fabulous! It is growing!!

jenna marie said...

is this seriously happening? i swear they just got engaged. are they moving in next to us still? if so, what a hell of a neighborhood.

CHUNTZ said...

Youre on it girlfriend! Get that blog updated...tonight was a dream...maybe it was the love in the air, the sunset, the talk of new jobs, crepes...nope it was Megan.

Kayla R. said...

SOOOOOO cute! they looked so amazing last night:) The wedding was WOW. Ok that is so awesome Russ did that I am going to show Ty this post right when he gets home from work!:)

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