along came quincey

friday june 6, 2008 at 4:00 p.m. on the dot Quincey Rose Kartchner
took her first squished nosed-breath.

Liz was kind (and crazy) enough to let her sisters and I witness this AMAZING moment.
although camille (far right) has a boy of her own,
she'd never witnessed a birth from the other side of the spread eagle.

hands down one of the most emotional and exciting moments of my life.

some of you told me if i witnessed a birth, i wouldn't be baby hungry anymore.
well... it backfired.

i tried my hardest to look like total and utter crap for this pic. i think it worked?!
Q looks amazing and that's all a girl could ask for.

besides Quincey's birthday or Qui.R.K. as i call her, there were a few others as well.

like neighbor Chad

this was the first time i've witnessed russ karaoke-ing. WOW.
our other neighbor's sang "Endless Love" as if they'd practiced for years,
turns out they did practice for years.


my big brother Chad turned, wait for it... 31!
i love him and their little family, and it's sad to think that by next year they could be in NEW HAMPSHIRE while he gets his masters. geez.

keira makes the MOST amazing cakes/pies/cookies.
it looks like adam has brinly in a chokehold, but they are actually hugging.

and although we had a lovely weekend, i am most definitely sick.


meagan cohoon said...

Giving birth looks pretty dang scary I'll have to admit! I went private so if you want to look at my blog then email me your email address! meggiesue32@hotmail.com:)

Ashley & Chris said...

YAHOO!! We are aunts once again. I agree it was very emotional and exciting I am so glad you were there. Next...it's your turn :)

James & Lindsey said...

I give props to you guys watching. I watched my Aunt and now I don't know if I can do it!

Candy said...

Ohh! That's' so fun you got to witness that! EMILY! Good. Become more baby hungry. That might be the closest thing I ever witness to a niece/nephew.. seeing as my brothers and sisters aren't doing a very good job at that whole thing......

charity said...

ah, as if i wasn't missing my family enough. i had to read your blog.

btw, is that my quilt wrapped around russ? the one mom made for my bed when i was a tike? I'm glad it's getting good use.

miss you guys!

Lindsay said...

What a beautiful baby! I love the name!

Lindsay said...

Ps... soory you're sick, I hope you get better in the next 8 days so we can hang.

Kayla R. said...

Beautiful Baby!!! love karaoke!! sorry you are sick:(

Suzy said...

That snot picture made me laugh harder then anything has in the past few days! Thanks for the laugh!!!

CHUNTZ said...

Seriously why are you such a brat...do I bring out the worst in you?

jenna marie said...

what a sweet little girl. you are brave for watching. we are alive, but barely. andrew told me just yesterday he wants to name our first son quincy. wow.

Lindsay said...

By the way... Your "latest and greatest" is the best thing that has happened to skin care! I am in love! I opened the can and saw hope written right inside the jar and applied it immediately. Beautiful pictures!

journeytojohanssontown said...

Your niece is super cute, she looks like she already knows how to pose for a pic. Also what is up with me in pictures I look like a giant with huge man hands!

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