that's what she said

here's the last two weeks in picture form a.k.a. A MESS.

here's charity's birthday cake. we're such cheapskates.

the beach is still my favorite place to be.
i finished "eat pray love" finally, and i really only loved the "eat" portion, but i would still recommend.

i stocked up on a few things as well:
all i can say is HOLY COW, if it was in utah, i'd be broke, fat and happy.
it makes pinkberry look like a macey's $.25 cone.
trader joe's.
i had to get their re-usable grocery sacks, there's are the best i think.
i purposefully bought lots of clothes for russ to soften my blow.

Russ' ex-stepdad Tim, who basically raised him stayed with us for a week or so. it was a sight to behold, just how much influence Tim had on who Russ is today.

the "classic" S.U.V.
also known as the rust bucket.
Tim spent most of the week fixing Russ' Scout, but isn't Tim's Bronco sa-weet?

playing baseball, led zeppelin, the twins, the vikings, and brew.
(basically Russ in a nutshell)
before you run and tell all your friends that Russ is a drunk, don't fret, it's non-alcoholic (but equally disgusting.)

Ave turned 2.
i can't hardly believe it.
the best compliment i ever received was when someone said Avery reminded them of me, which might also be Collin and Liz's worst nightmare!

one word to describe Avery is "hoarder" she tries to carry ALL her toys around.
she is also really into Ariel... or "A-Dee" as Ave calls her.


i haven't been to this joint since the early nineties.
i was pleasantly surprised with their decor upgrades.

and God bless the Johanssons...
who are equally competitive in non-competitive sports.
what would we do without them?


Hayley Anderson Photography said...

I have something to add to the strangeness of our favorite number. The boy that I was dating in high school (8 years ago) is now my boyfriend, again. And we'll be getting married as well. That's kinda creepy, kinda cool. We definitely have a lot in common though. There have been a lot of posts that sound like something I would say or do (although you word things a lot better than I ever could). And when you posted the Clifford movie clip I about fell out of my chair! I sing the San Francisco song about once a week.

p.s. since when is Trafalga looking so cool?

Lindsay said...

Gotta love the O'douls! Noah's grandpa who was a mission president, and is now a Sealer drinks O'douls regularly! It's hilarious!

¡emily frame! said...

lindsay, that gives me relief. i felt like we were sinners every time he gets carded at the grocery store buying them!

Brooke said...

Emily, love the pictures. Isn't Cali great? Sometimes I still feel like I'm on a really long vacation here. SEe you in 3 weeks!!

Coby said...

Emily, your blog is boss

Kayla R. said...

YUM YUM yogurt!!! love all your pics...i crave the beach:)

Kayla R. said...

i loved our scooter best gas..but hard with a baby* ha ha! i dont think it is a cobra but yes we still have the neon green one, needs repair!! the black one is his families!!

mrawle said...

cardigans=target!!!!! I love them too! I love your pictures! I need an adventure soon :)

mrawle said...

em... sorry I am tending at marnie rawles house (lindys aunt) and I guess it is automatically signed in. so its lindsay clyde just so ya know

Candy said...

I love your blog, girl!!!

Kat Clark said...

You look great in these pics! Your no frills diet must be working!!!

charity said...

love you and yogurtland!!!

Matt Clayton said...

Please tell me Russ' Scout can come out and play for a photo shoot. I love it!

Candy said...

EM! I was looking at your blog again and it really is so cute. I'm excited to read more. woot woot

Kit Kartchner said...

Ok . . .you came over tonight and I learned more about what you've been experiencing reading your blog at 4:35 a.m. than I did while you were sitting in my kitchen tonight!

you are a WRITER, girl! sure love you Emily......and that Russ, too.....you two are precious to me!!!

Momma Kit

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