strawberry day virgins

collectively russ and i have lived in Utah for 28 years. staggering i know. as far as utah county based festivals go we have stuck to our the Provo/Orem boundaries.
Orem SummerFest, heck yes, Provo Freedom Festival, every gosh darn year,
but Strawberry Days... not until this week.

thankfully we had some OPG's to show us the ropes...

try to give yourself at least 20 minutes to digest your large corn-dog to go on this one.


"if you rock the bucket one more time" the Native-American operator will kick you off.

EL RODEO (if PETA could see us now)
the main differences between men and women can be determined by watching their faces while a poor baby cow gets roped by the neck and pinned to the ground for sport.
wild cow milking is HIGH-LARIOUS.

Mrs. Potato-Head Nose, and Count Dracula (seriously. look at those incisors!)
hereby deem Strawberry Days:
"Utah's Most W.T. Festival"


Ashley & Chris Miles said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha I am cracking up. I can't wait to go Chris and i are going tonight. I love it!!

amanda said...

I went last night too! So much fun huh? I couldn't watch very much of the baby cow roping part though, it really is sad. I can't get enough of those strawberries and cream!

charity said...

please tell me you ate strawberries and cream...

so yummy!

¡emily frame! said...

oh yes, strawberries and cream were had, many times.

Coby said...

I've been to the rodeo a few times. Did you eat strawberries?

Logan said...

Dave and I are Strawberry Days virgins too, but we plan on going tomorrow. I'm excited!

Kayla R. said...

LOVE strawberry DAYS!!!

Jene and Megan said...

Please say that you got to see a demolition derby!? I hadn't ever heard or seen one until I moved to TN but it's hilarious! It's a bunch of random people that get old junky cars and paint them and stuff and then when the whistle blows they just start ramming each other. It's like real bumper cars! The winner is the car that can last the longest!!

elizabeth said...

:] hilarious!!

i'm sad we missed it this year! i love putting my life in the hands of carni folk for a 2 min thrill ride! :]

Hey Ho Its Ashleigh Noel said...

come on! This is the first year of strawberry days????
I used to go and just find people to take pictures with. I think that is mullet central for utah valley. Good times. Did you blonde streak that hair of yours? looks good yo-

Suzy said...

If you liked Strawberry Days then I bet you would love Peach Days in Brigham City. I've never been but hear its one for the books!

The Wiseman Life said...

you are hilarious....looks like you both at great time. I love your blog.

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