tales from the crypt

i can't even remember who tagged me for this but oh well, here it is, a few months late...

all my favorite beauty products revealed!!

01. bare minerals.
perfect for sensitive skin, doesn't make you break out, and you can sleep in it, which works well for the nights when i pass out after binging on oreos.

02. POP bronzer palette.
seriously the best range of bronzers and brighteners ever. best feature: no sparkles!
thank you sister.

03. Fiberwig & DiorShow
i totally yoinked this idea from Nicole Hill's mom...
it really is a killer combo for the best looking lashes though.

04. bobbi brown lip tint
it's not sticky. what more needs to be said. i love "peony".

05. MAC eyeshadow
i am an eyeshadow snob. i won't use anything else. sadly, i know most of them by name.

06. the polish
i need to branch out, i've used the same two nail laquers for years.
OPI's "Lincoln Park After Dark" and Chanel's black satin.

07. NIVEA smooth sensation
smells amaz-za-zing, not greasy, and its pretty cheap.

if you love me, you will do this tag, okay peaches?


Hey Ho Its Ashleigh Noel said...

Confirm that.
I was dancing to
"if you want my body and you think im sexy"
I made sure to do some of the classic timp moves, Don't you even worry about that.

Dana Dastrup said...

Wow Lincoln Park after Dark totally reminds me of you!! I am so excited to see you tomorrow Em!! I feel like it has been forever!! I PROMISE I will make up for the fact that we aren't going swimming on Friday!!

Logan said...

I'm going to take these as recommendations. For the past 18 months I've turned into an Aveda snob, and now that I don't work there and can't get a discount I want to branch out and try other stuff. The glosses and bronzers sound fabulous!

Kayla R. said...


elizabeth said...

thanks for sharing all your beauty secrets with me! :)

{lindy baker cakes} said...

Love your beauty secrets. Love Lincoln Park after Dark.

Kirsten Sue said...

I always wondered about Bare minerals. Perhaps I will buy it for myself for my birthday.

Heather said...

Lincoln Park After Dark= my FAVORITE OPI color ever!

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