ah geez

some times it takes a reality check like this (the blog is supposed to be a joke) to realize that i have begun to take myself too seriously. to combat this terrible trait, i went through my camera and found all the fugly pictures i had... ironically, all were either taken by, or with, her.

if you take these pictures off my blog without my written consent, i will punch you in the neck.


Anonymous said...

are you sure about that?

berto xxx

Coby said...

Emily, your new scooter is sweet. Um, did you like wall e? The short in the beginning was funny and reminded me of why I liked watching cartoons in the first place

The Coles said...

Love the pics. It was so fun seeing you the other day!

journeytojohanssontown said...

you in the office is terrific LOVE IT!

ThE GaIL said...

you are the apple of my tree. And the hair in my pit. Please do my work for me more often since you help me out SOO much. NOT. thanks boss.
love the small people under you

charity said...

who is that and why does she have four names?

{lindy baker cakes} said...

Funny pics.

allegra said...

:) well at least you redeemed yourself by holding a trader joe's bag. love that store. you're so funny. confession-i love this blog

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