i came home from my trip with the best present ever: a mailbox full of glossy fall magazines.

in addition to the 1,698 pages of fashion i read in the last 2 days i also sifted through all my favorite designers fall runway shows via style.com.
i know its a sick, SICK hobby.

4. philip lim 3.1

3. jenni kayne

2. chloe

1. dolce + gabbana

this line was my #1 favorite. love the calf-length skirts, love the 3-piece suits and fitted cropped trousers.

i decided my fall wardrobe needs a few things, namely: a killer pair of cropped slim fit trousers, and a few soft chiffon secretary blouses. the hunt is on!


Annie Stewart said...

i love that d&g dress, and really good job with the photo shoot. how bout you dress me? thanks for the multiple posts, i was getting hungry.

emily frame said...

annie glad to see you around these parts! does this mean there could possibly be an grow/stewart blog in the works?

Logan said...

I get more excited for magazines/catalogs than any other type of mail (probably because the only other type of mail I ever get is bills)

Lindsay said...

Im with Annie, will you dress me?

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