riverwoods ad campaign

last month my good ol' buddy Matt Clayton of: Matt Clayton Photography, Square Magazine editor-in-chief and owner/operator of Rooster + White Graphic Design, "The Voice" of Comedy Sportz, and Seal duet-singing extraordinaire asked me to style his upcoming Riverwoods shoot inspired by James Christensen.
needless to say i was flattered, and then intimidated by the genius that is Christensen's artwork.

my sister Bethany testing out the trampoline || matt giving one of his famous/hilarious demonstrations of how he wants them to pose.

emily the model || yours truly

model: josh baker

model: emily haglund


KEH said...

What can we say? Haglund's make some hot swedes! I'll be in the Utes for a couple of months in October...and you and I are going to rekindle the romance. Loves you!

Andrea said...

You are the coolest person I know. I love it.

emily frame said...

annie, i was seriously scared for a second. i forget i know someone named andrea.

belekartcher said...

hahahhahaha twirk your neck a little more.. there we go.

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