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i am teaching a class during my church's overnight retreat for all the women on gratitude. i am feeling the pressure. i am trying not to think about how much more they know then me, and how under-qualified i am to teach them. shouldn't it be the other way around? didn't i just graduate high school?

i am bringing this to the blog-front because i know that all you amazing blogging buddies (those i've met and those i've admired from a far) out there have something to say on the matter. and that something is important to me.

so, i ask you. what do you do to be grateful in your thoughts, in your hearts and in your homes?
if it's too personal for a comment, please e-mail me at emilykframe{at}gmail{dot}com.

thank you for your thoughts, have a stellar labor day weekend! (my class is on Friday 9.5)

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Jazz Livingston said...

Okay so here is the profile link...


It shows both Fatty to Fabulous and the crazy ranting "God hates me" blog. ENJOY

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

i know. i'll have to take pictures. this week has been crazy, but i will soon.

Hey Ho Its Ashleigh Noel said...

Yes like in 2 weeks. It actually got pushed back to the 16-24th so I hopefully get to see axel ross make his debut. I am so excited to see her become a mom... ahh..
Greatful thoughts? Where do I even begin.
I am greatful for the tender mercies that heavenly father has given me. Oh lets say... the tumor that disappeared or oh... doctors telling me I can't have kids?
I am greatful for trails because without them I could never grow into who I am suppose to be. Most of all I am greatful for eternal marriage to the one person in the world that knows how to make me smile everyday.
Long I know. Make it into a novel if you like. mmm I miss you em!

Jene and Megan said...

Hey Emily,
I totally know your dilemma about teaching all these women who have more experience and have kids and just seem to know so much more but you will be a breath of fresh air to them! They need your youthful perspective!!
I have learned that when I keep a journal and go back and read it, I realize all my blessings. Resulting in more gratitude towards Heavenly Father, my parents, my husband and friends. Also, I used to carry a "gratitude notebook" around and every day I wrote down 10 things I was grateful for. The ten things could be my fingers but as long as I wrote it down. Anyway, I hope this helps!!

Jen said...

hello...i have read your blog for a while now and figured now was as good a time as any to comment. at the beginning of the year i made a grateful journal. it was an idea that came from another blog i read. here is the link

here is another lady that did one.

the idea is to write one thing you are grateful for every day. so many times people do journals and think they have to write multiple things every day. some days that is hard to do. but every day you can write one thing you are grateful for. by the end of a year you have 365 things that you can look back on and know you were blessed. and the best part is you can use anything to make it. junk mail envelopes, scraps of paper, whatever you have around.

that's my two cents.


Kayla R. said...

Oh I hope I am not too late... think you will da an amazing job:) I am SOOOO Grateful for FAMILY and tha we can be together forever:) Also That our Hevenly father has a plan for each and everyne of US* I love you GOOD lUCK*

allegra said...

you'll be awesome! that's my WORST fear is having to teach at church, but i am way more shy/reserved than you are so you will be totally stellar.

what do i DO to be grateful...? hmmm i would just say that i always think how much worse my life could be. even when i am stressed beyond belief at times, have no husband half the time due to school, or whatever else, i just think. hmmm, well i could be homeless.. or have cancer.. or don't have the light of the gospel in my life... i am so blessed! this is lame i know, but i just wanted to give you my two cents. it's hard not to be grateful when you try to pray together as a family everyday and give thanks, too.

Brooke said...

Soemthing I just thought of that I do to be grateful is to take care of, and make use of the things I already have, instead of thinking, "If I had this it would be so much better." Does that make sense?? For example painting something I already have, or fixing something when it breaks instead of buying something new. It just helps me to be grateful for the things that I am already blessed with instead of always wanting more.

jenna marie said...

em i sure love you let me just say that. i've been thinking of the Lord's tender mercies lately. To me they are small things. Scout wagging her tail when i come home, seeing andrew on his knees praying, an e-mail from my mom telling me that i'm loved, feeling my baby boy kick and having a car with ac. i'm grateful for the small and simple things because they happen most often, mostly when you aren't looking.

Ashley and Chris Miles said...

Alright I don't know if it's to late but I may have a little thought that would help you.
So often in prayer we seem to know better than god who to bless and how he should bless him ( I think it's so funny) we in a way order him around do thing and please do that. Do we even remember what we ask for and ESPECIALLY do we pay attention to see if he is doing as we request. So I challenged our relief society to keep a prayer journal write down what you are praying for and PAY ATTENTION to how often he blesses us with what we ask. I think we forget what we pray for and so many blessings go unnoticed.
I don't know that may or may not help. Good luck honey and congrats on your lengthy run :)

charity said...

how goes it? sounds like you're getting some more great material to work with!

Jill said...

Hey how did your class go? :)

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