i was "on-call" for jury duty for four months with the federal court in salt lake. i finally got "summonsed" last week, and seriously prayed mightily that they wouldn't want me. when they in fact didn't want me, i felt bad about myself for not being what they wanted. weird.

we tried to go for a run last night, and it was so freaking cold i bailed on russ .08 miles later.

and lastly, the real reason for the blog post title:

i love nature as much as the next guy, but, really?


Kat Clark said...


Nayr Nilbmah said...

haha Taft Bradbury tried to get me interested in those shoes.. and I was like sweet man.. how's your family?

Anonymous said...

I have three pairs of these shoes, and they are not only environmentally friendly, but I feel better as a person wearing them. At least better than some L.A.M.B. S&M sandals.


cbass said...

Do they make these for men's underwear?

Hey Ho Its Ashleigh Noel said...

k, so many people wear these here.
I SEE THEM ALL THE TIME. a little freaky, but I have to admit... I am curious.

Nayr Nilbmah said...

I was referring to the Bradbury family in the context above!

charity said...

ya, what are they?

elizabeth said...

oh.my.gosh. Collin's comment lol!

I love the pic of you and Russ-it's cute.

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