1,2,3 uno.

this weekend we whipped out a shoot for square's winter issue:
*the canyons were so gracious and provided us a suite.
*milosport and blindside hit us up with mounds of clothes, boards, and all the fix-ins.
*the models were naturals and got along like they had known each other
longer than the 30 minute drive up.

it was a good day.

here is the loot:

bo eaton -- pro motocross racer and
lover of butt-flap onesies.

shakira + ricky

checking the proofs...
sloane, shakira, cade, ricky, and bo.

matt doing his thing||me doing mine

some of the pola-ro-ros

their future's so bright they need polarized goggles.

another jarb well done.


Bee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
charity said...

can't wait to see the fin producto! that's a made up language btw.

wiseman said...

Looks like fun! Can't wait to see mag. So did you get to keep any of the goods?

CHUNTZ said...

Thanks for including me in the photo shoot....youve changed em, youve changed!

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